Forensic Meteorology

Communicating Weather Events

Clear and Concise Testimony

Accurate, timely, and easily understandable, factual storyline

Rick Shema, Certified Consulting Meteorologist, uses the science of weather to analyze complex atmospheric processes and physical oceanography. He then breaks it all down into easily understandable facts.

Knowing the science is only part of the solution. Testimony must communicate the facts with clarity. Charts, graphs, and animations visually portray the weather event in question.

In trial or settlement, an expert you can trust.

With clear evidence, many cases are settled out of court. But if a trial is necessary, as an expert witness, Rick will testify on your client’s behalf. He understands and honors your deadlines. Reports are tailored to the needs of your case.

WeatherGuy is able to:

  • Substantiate or disprove opposing testimony.
  • Determine if conditions could have been anticipated or were unexpected.    
  • Demonstrate how weather affects the case.

Forensic meteorology service is the definitive edge to win cases involving weather. Having scientific data broken down into clear, accurate, and understandable language supports the case.

Areas of Specialization: