Make Confident Decisions

With a Certified Consulting Meteorologist

Marine Industry

Protect your people, ships, cargo, and property.

WeatherGuy provides accurate weather forecasts and decision support for go/no-go decisions for mobilization, deployment of high-value assets, and routine forecasts.

Weather can be a major factor in the success of your project. Bad weather decisions can mean the loss of material, man-hours, and risk of injury. Get the weather forecasts you need to get your job done with fewer risks and lower costs. 

Timely information you can trust.

Weather information obtained on the internet only tells part of the story. WeatherGuy, a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, provides a complete interpretation of all meteorologic and oceanographic parameters that affect your operations.

WeatherGuy will be a valuable member of your project team. Greatly reduce the risk of adverse weather and ocean conditions to your operations and maintenance tasks.

Industries we work with:  Oil rig, underwater maintenance, cable laying, diving, dredging, pipe laying, ocean farming, ocean research, wave energy, wind energy, supporting renewable energy initiatives.


  • Tropical Cyclone Monitoring Subscription
  • Planning/At Sea Services
  • Custom Forecasting

Vessel Support

Avoiding bad weather takes skill.

Avoiding bad weather takes skill when planning your vessel’s route. WeatherGuy provides the data you need when you need it. Good information makes for better outcomes. WeatherGuy has you covered.

Be prepared.

It is always better to have bad weather at the dock than fight it at sea. WeatherGuy can help you avoid costly mistakes. When you are counting on a smooth voyage, you’ll receive the best routing guidance.

Save time and money.

Searching the internet for weather can waste valuable time. WeatherGuy analyzes pages of date for you and delivers concise reports. WeatherGuy services are cost-effective – less than the cost of most accidents.

Become a more successful captain with WeatherGuy as your partner.

  • Tropical Cyclone Monitoring Subscription

  • Planning/At Sea Services

  • Custom Forecasting